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DB100 ULL Auracast Audio Transmitter

DB100 ULL Auracast Audio Transmitter

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The DB100 Bluetooth Auracast Audio Transmitter supports both Bluetooth Auracast mode and Ultra-low Latency (ULL) mode.

In Auracast mode, it's compatible with devices like The Show, Overture speakers, EchoBeatz headphones, and hearClear earbuds. In ULL mode, it works with EchoBeatz headphones, which also support ULL mode.

Multi-Function Button(MFB)

  • Modes Switching: Press MFB 3 times to switch modes (Broadcast mode>>Ultra-low latency mode)
  • Ultra-Low Latency of 20ms

LED indicator

  • Broadcast scan: Blue LED flashing
  • Broadcast successfully receiving: Blue LED flashing
  • ULL(Ultra-low latency) mode pairing: Purple LED flashing
  • ULL(Ultra-low latency) connected: Purple LED stays on

Please note: ships in white box packaging only.

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